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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
10:46 pm - An ending of sorts.

But also a beginning.Collapse )

current mood: nostalgic

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8:21 pm - Eh, why not? Fou-Lu Wins... Epiloguity!

Hey, that's not how the game ended...Collapse )

Right, the rest...Collapse )

... I like open-ended.

current mood: thoughtful

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1:58 pm

EpiloguesesCollapse )

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9:24 am - More Epilogues?

Why not, I say. There are NPCs whose stories need finishing.

Read on...Collapse )

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9:10 am - Because I Failed To Finish Any Of This

This is what Support Level A gets youCollapse )

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8:28 am - Epilogue

'Thank you for everything you've done...'Collapse )

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12:32 pm - Oh fine, more mini-epilogues!

I couldn't resist. So here,

epilogues for most of my other charactersCollapse )

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Monday, July 7th, 2008
11:27 pm - The end of the line for my chars.

My Chars with in.Collapse )

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
12:45 am - In the end...

EpiloguesCollapse )

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12:02 am - Epilogue?

Press 1 For Megaman X...Collapse )

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12:46 am - Yeah, I forgot this epilogue...

BEWARE, I LIVE!Collapse )

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2:33 pm - Epilogues

Haha, epilogues.

CUTTU!Collapse )

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2:22 pm - More Epilogues

So, yeah, I have a lot of characters to go through, and may skip some, but hey.

There's a lot here.Collapse )

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Monday, July 7th, 2008
10:51 pm - Who's Who?

We're all going elsewhere.

Who's who at where?

As for me...Collapse )

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11:40 pm - Varied Epilogues

Le cutCollapse )

And that's it for my bunch. It was a wild ride.

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10:50 pm - The Endless Skies

A Fateful Day In Arcadia...Collapse )

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10:37 pm - Ganon, Bowser Jr., Evil Otto... and special bonus guest!

Ganon continued to serve the Imperative. His own goals remained out of his reach, but he had all the time in the world to work towards them. Immortality has its advantages, and the saga of the Legend of Zelda is an eternal one. Just as there will always be Ganon, there will always be a Link and Zelda to stop him.


Bowser Jr. grew up, graduating at the top of his class at Koopa State... and they didn't even have to cook the books! As years passed, he took on the mantle of the Koopa King. There were princesses to kidnap, and nations to conquer.

Like father, like son.


Time had passed, and the world had moved on. The labyrinth of Mazeon lay still and dead. Automazeon hulks lay dormant. Evil Otto had been defeated. Forever? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

One man stood among the wreckage, his hair trailing in the breeze of the dead planet.

He could not return to the Palace of Power. He had left that place long ago, much to his own regret.

When he returned, he would earn his place once more.

Names were set aside. His old friend was gone. He was no longer Shaun Felton. He was no longer Dreamcaster.

Videoland would always need a hero...

...and they would learn the bravery... of Segata Sanshiro!

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9:24 pm - The End Of Things

Below.Collapse )

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9:29 pm - So, what's Sini doing now?

The wind whispers a legend...Collapse )

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8:49 pm - Epilogue: Alex Kidd

Alex Kidd served with the N-Team for a little while longer before his father's lat dying days, at which point he gave up being a hero ways and took up the role meant for him from birth: That of a king.

Over time, Alex Kidd could spotted, especially in the recent Videoland tournament, then Segastars Tennis Tournament, as well as being her, there and everywhere.

Eventually, Alex Kidd disappeared. There are rumors about seeing him in a bar somewhere. Other rumors placed Alex in the Dance Dance Club and elsewhere, seeking out Dreamcaster. Others placed him on Mobius, helping Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and amy in their fight against Robotnik.

However, in the end, when Alex Kidd had indeed passed on, ther is one thing all Historians of Videoland can agreed upon: Alex Kidd had lived a good life.

(So long, Videoland...)

-- Haul.

current mood: depressed

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